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This little cafe tucked away in the Copps Hill Common was opened in 1987 by Barbara Nevins. When she moved here from her home in New Mexico she brought her love of the Santa Fe cuisine with her to her sometimes referred to as "A little hole in the wall" Southwest Cafe. 

Having lived in Taos, New Mexico, she visits there every year in the Hatch Chile Season - August - September to bring back 500 lbs of hand chosen New Mexican Greens to be raised, peeled and then made into Daily Specials through January. The food reflects the local cuisine in Northern New Mexico. The Southwest ambience of the cafe can be credited much to the two renowned artist's and personal friends of Barbara, R.C. Gorman and Dennis Haggerty, whose visions enhance the walls of the little cafe - pictures, hand painted envelopes.

Hatched in


Owner, Barbara Nevins

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